For many adults, the appearance of their teeth can have a big influence on their confidence, their willingness to engage socially, and to smile for photographs.  According to a survey carried out by the British Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry, a third of the population (32%) are concerned by the look of their teeth, and that apporximately one fifth of people (18%) usually conceal their teeth in photos.
Crooked or crowded teeth can be a major cause of unhappiness for people, especially as the teeth are often very healthy.  In the past, correcting these problems may have required orthodontic treatment using fixed braces worn for 2-3 years.  Alternatively, crowns or veneers may have been used to mask the misalignments, however these restorations often require a great deal of drilling to prepare the teeth, and in some case teeth would need to be root treated first.
While these options have an important place in the range of treatments available to patients, there is now a range of options that can offer patients straighter teeth, in a short period of time, with no need for removal of healthy tooth structure.  These short term cosmetic orthodontic options can be done in practice, and make straighter teeth a reality for many patients.

Cfast is a simple, discreet brace system that can correct a number of alignement issues affecting the front six teeth of the upper and lower teeth.  The system uses tooth coloured brackets and a white wire to round out and level the teeth to satisfy the needs of a high proportion of adult patients.  Find out more ablut Cfast on the Cfast page on our website.

The Inman Aligner is a removable appliance that uses springs to gently guide the teeth into an aesthetic position.  Although the appliance is discreet, it only requires 18 hours of wear per day, so can be removed to accomodate a busy social life.  It corrects crowded and rotated teeth fast, thanks to a double action spring system, and results can be achieved between 6 - 16 weeks. More information can be found on the Inman Aligner page of the website.